Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Supper Last Night Was Delish!

Last night for supper I had Grilled Halibut with tomato and avocado salsa, and corn on the cob. I had tomatoes and a ripe avocado, and I had seen some nice halibut at the local "boutique" grocery store. So I just Googled "Halibut tomato avocado recipe".

Here's a link to the recipe. I used Halibut fillet instead of steak, and since I don't like my food too spicy, I used a Poblano pepper instead of a Jalapeno.

Coming soon: Pictures From Another Walk


  1. Yummy! Thanks for the recipe link too.

  2. Your meals all look so tasty and colourful and fresh and your portion sizes are spot-on! You really are going about this weight-loss regimen in such a level-headed and balanced way. I am SO IMPRESSED!


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