Friday, August 5, 2011

My One-A-Day

Once a day I have one ounce of dark chocolate -- two of these little squares. It helps me not to feel deprived, and it's good for me. Or so they say.

To read about the health benefits of dark chocolate, go here.


  1. That looks so posh, Alison...hoity-toity choccie to nibble on genteely :)

    I'm back online again and now slowly attempting to catch up on all the posts I missed.

    You are doing wonderfully well with your weight loss regime! I'm so proud of you!!!

  2. Allison.....I'm under siege here, anywhere from 10-30 Red Hatters will be descending on my house in under two hours and I must cook like the wind! So much for the diet, hard when I'm surrounded by food. I just had to let you know I'm going to sit down when this is over and read the posts I've missed. AND, I have been buying the same chocolate only in the 'chip' form,(can have 16 chips for 80 calories) I haven't seen the squares; I found it so amazing knowing you and I are using the same chocolate to help stave off the cravings. Wish me luck today, I'll be back soon.


Some encouragement from readers would be most "egg"cellent!